Terms and conditions

  1. UDA Holdings Berhad (the “Company”) Be Our Partner (BOP) (the “Campaign”) will run from January 2024 to July 2024. (“Campaign Period”).
  2. The Programme is open to all Malaysians aged 18 and above, including permanent and contract employees of UDA Holdings Berhad and its subsidiaries (except Regional Sales and Marketing Personnel).
  3. The Introducer is not eligible to introduce/refer himself/herself as a potential purchaser under this Campaign, -nor can he/she introduce/refer employees of UDA Holdings Berhad and its subsidiaries and Board of Directors.
  4. Registration must be done by filling up the online form on the UDA Property website.
  5. The Introducer must obtain the consent of the Referred Purchaser before disclosing his/her personal information (including but not limited to his/her full name and contact number) for the Campaign. In this respect, the Company shall have the right to disclose the Introducer’s name if the Referred Purchaser requests for the Introducer’s identity. The Introducer shall at all times agree to indemnify the Company from any claims, demands, suits, or action initiated by the Referred Purchaser against the Company due to the disclosure of the Potential Purchaser’s personal information.
  6. The Campaign is only applicable to selected development undertaken by the Company and its Subsidiaries.
  7. In the event that two(2) or more Introducers refer the same Referred Purchaser, the Introducer who first enters the Referred Purchaser's complete personal information into the system will be recognized and acknowledged as the Introducer of the said Referred Purchaser under this Campaign.
  8. A Referred Purchaser will be considered successful upon the completion of the following:
    1. Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) duly signed and stamped with a proper witness;
    2. The loan Agreement is signed and stamped and
    3. Receipt of 10% of the cash payment of the Purchase Price
    4. Item 8.1 above must be concluded by July 2024.
    • Note :
    • Upon the completion of the BOP claim form, the Company shall notify the Introducer of the successful Referred Purchaser.
    • The reward will be made payable by cheque or any mode deemed fit by the Company and cannot be exchanged for any other form of payment. Any request for a change in the mode of payment shall not be entertained.
    • Successful Introducer shall be rewarded a commission of up to RM10,000 (the “Commission”) applicable for selected products in this campaign only. The Commission is non-transferable and cannot be converted into any form of credit or in-kind benefit. It is strictly and exclusively awarded to the Introducer. The commission cannot be redeemed, assigned, or transferred to any other person or third parties. The amount of the Commission is at the sole discretion of the Company and final and binding on all parties.
  9. The Company shall not liable or responsible for any taxation imposed or to be collected from the appropriate authorities out of in connection to the reward of the Commission to the Introducer and the responsibility to pay any form of taxation shall be that of the Introducer.
  10. Failure by the introducer to observe and comply with any of the stipulated terms and conditions of this campaign will result in automatic disqualification of the Introducer.
  11. This Campaign is governed by the terms and conditions set out herein and by participating in this Campaign, the Introducer shall be deemed to have given consent and agreement to be bound by the said terms and conditions. The Company shall have the absolute rights to amend, vary, add or omit at any time or from time to time as the Company may deem fit, including the absolute right to suspend, withdraw or cancel the Campaign. The Introducer shall not hold the Company responsible and shall keep the Company indemnified against any loss incurred or damages suffered by the Introducer or any third parties due to the Introducer’s participation in this Campaign.
  12. The Company has the absolute and final decision on all matters relating to the Campaign including but not limited to the interpretation of the terms and conditions stipulated and any correspondence or attempt to dispute such decision shall not be entertained.
  13. In the event: -
    • This T&C is not complied with; and/or
    • The New Property SPA is terminated for any reason whatsoever; and/or
    • The SPA not been signed within six (6) months from completion of the BOP form; and/or
    • There is any bankruptcy proceeding or winding-up proceeding commenced against the Purchaser or the Purchaser(s) is adjudged a bankrupt or there is an appointment of an official administrator or liquidator on behalf of the Purchaser(s) on or before the payment of the BOP; and/or
    • There are any acts or omissions of the Purchaser(s) including but not limited to participating in protests and demonstrations, posting photos and articles, or making statements which in the Developer’s sole opinion (which opinion shall be final and binding on the Purchaser(s)) directly or indirectly bring the Company and/or UDA into disrepute and/or against the best interest of UDA; and/or
    • There is any breach of any applicable laws, rules, regulations, by-laws or requirements, whether or not having the force of law, by the Purchaser(s); and/or
    • There is any non-disclosure, fraud, cheating or deception by the Purchaser(s) as determined in the Company’s sole opinion (which opinion shall be final and binding on the Purchaser(s)); and/or
    • Inaccurate or incorrect information and/or disclosures by the Purchaser(s).
    • Then the following shall take place: -
    • This form shall be deemed automatically terminated;
    • The continuation of the BOP’s form validity is subject to the Management's discretion;
    • The Introducer’s entitlement to the BOP shall automatically lapse and be considered null and void;
    • The Introducer shall not be entitled to the BOP or any part thereof; and
    • The Introducer shall not have any actions, claims, proceedings, and/or suits in any way whatsoever against the Company with respect to this form and the BOP fees.
  14. If T&C (13) occurs after the payment of the BOP, the BOP fees shall be considered a debt due by the Introducer(s) to the Company which shall be repaid immediately by the Introducer(s) to the Company. The Company reserves its right to claim from the Introducer(s) all costs and expenses of the BOP (including solicitor client’s costs), if any, incurred to enforce such right and shall be borne by the Introducer(s).
    • The Company reserves the right to: -
    • Determine the eligibility of the Introducer for to participate in the BOP and to decide on any other BOP-related matters and the decision by the Developer shall be final, conclusive, and binding on the Introducer; and/or
    • At any time in the Company’s sole and absolute discretion; substitute, withdraw, add to, or alter any of BOP offered whether in entirety or in part without notice to the Introducer; and/or
    • At any time without prior notice terminate, discontinue, or suspend the BOP at the Company’s sole and absolute discretion in which case, the Company may elect not to award any of the BOP. Such termination, discontinuation, or suspension shall not give rise to any claim by the Introducer. If the Developer resumes the BOP, the Introducer shall abide by the Company’s decision regarding the resumption of the BOP and the disposition of the BOP; and/or
    • At any time, at its sole and absolute discretion, amend the list of Projects.
  15. The Developer’s decisions on all matters relating to the BOP (including but not limited to any inconsistencies in any of these T&Cs) shall be final, binding, and conclusive on the Introducer. No discussion, correspondence, inquiry, appeal, or challenge in respect to any decision of the Company shall be entertained in any way whatsoever.
  16. The Introducer hereby irrevocably waives all rights to make any oral or written complaints, public announcements, or statements on the BOP, unless with the Company’s  prior written consent..
  17. The Company shall not be liable to the Introducer for any failure to fulfil any terms of this T&C for any reason whatsoever including but not limited to any other circumstances of whatsoever nature beyond the control of the Company.
  18. The form shall be binding on the Introducer, heirs and/or personal representatives or Introducer’s successors in title, as the case may be, and shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia.
  19. Grant the Company the absolute and unrestricted right to modify, use and/or publish any still or moving image of the participants for any promotional, marketing, commercial or other related purpose, without any payment or compensation. 
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